Todd patriarch/lost highways man


Some people decide what to do in life early on, some folks figure it out once they grow up. Mambo bought me the freedom to pursue dreams that only time could reveal as possible. I consider myself very lucky that the cards have fallen, even the lousy ones, in such a way that I now hold a hand that has made me very happy.

The Mambo family has always been made up almost exclusively of members of local visual and performing arts community. The formerly successful, the about to be successful, and those who could care less about success, their crazy quilt lives have kept me on the stage of post punk rock 'Our Town'.

A friend once described Mambo as the place where 'The Banana Splits' meets 'Quest For Fire' and while I'm not exactly sure what he meant, the vision pleased me. We would certainly make a good sitcom!

As Bram Stoker wrote..."What music they make!


 ----Photograph by Jim Wasserman, Philadelphia