Simon bicycle man

Simon does look like a human being, but in fact he is a Robot, designed to teach the human race to improve its ability to travel. Nobody has seen him walking or running, his only source of transportation is bicycle. In the morning he bikes out of his bed to the bathroom to brush his teeth. The ancient Mambo legend tells, that one day Simon rode his bicycle to the eighths floor up the spiral staircase to deliver a grand piano. Some people say it was a pinball machine, but it's unlikely. Being a vegetarian, Simon grows his own bikes in a little pots and then eats them with a delicious curry sauce. Everybody remembers the day when Simon unscrewed his left arm and fixed something inside with a wrench. That day he revealed his secret identity.



Simon and the other guy are rolling the hell out of town! Happy, joyous and free!



Two Simons are rolling out of town just for the hell of it! Yee-ho!