Ron man of letter


"Dirty" Ron(dog) Wandover

Sometime dabbler in 'arse poetica' and former pick-up comp. instructor, Ron is a self-styled renaissance man, whose other vocation - body surfing the cosmic plasma - is second only to his need for regular contact with green leafy substances.

He is the senior member of the crew (not in brainpower, but in canine years), originally from Seattle, WA. He writes at times, plays drums with sticks made of human shinbone, and practices secret caffeine-induced tantric rituals with the local fauna. All belongs to Shakti!

A mensch if you need one, known to lift heavy objects with ease and precision (or is that with wheeze and derision?) Someone you'd like to meet for chicken wings and Mountain Dew, but preferably not in a dark alley.





1963 ragtop, robin's egg blue. Some rust and bondo, has a good interior.
Came stock with houndstooth bucket seats & cut pile carpets.
AM/FM radio (still works), and chrome all-'round. New rocker panels
& production lift kit.

Good service records. Oil's been changed every three thousand miles.
Has been from Topeka to Tucson, from Tacoma to Twitty City.
Easy on gas & won't chug on a hill.

Clear trannie fluid. Recent shocks. The speedometer cable jiggles
a bit at fifty, but when you're up to speed, she's-good-to-go.

I found and lost what I thought was love in this falcon.
Made a daughter in the back & took my brother Rick to the AFEES station
in '68 to war he's still fightin' at the V.A. hospital.

Sold fuller brushes in Buffalo & got the car impounded
at Baton Rouge for drivin' while blind.

Did time in the mills outside of Culver City
until I packed up what was left of my first marriage
in the trunk & headed for Tempe AZ.

The radiator was replaced in the winter of '80
after the freeze plugs blew Prestone on my best friends drive.
We found his dog stiff-as-board under his porch
the day after he lapped-up a couple of quarts.

New battery, clutch cable, drive line & bearings.
The brake shoes are good
& the top end was rebuilt at 202k.

Went to my mother's funeral to break it in -
the week my second wife left a note on the kitchen table -
the week I gave up on women,
or better, the week they gave up on me...

Got plenty of tread left on the white walls
& the clock in the dash is still tickin'.

Had to sleep in her once when the unemployment ran out.
But over all, don't have any complaints.
She is a road worthy car - a car with a future.

She rips through the air like a talon
so you'd think time was standing still,
but it doesn't.

She'll take you where you need to go,
no questions asked.
Has plenty of get-up left & won't blow smoke.

Better than most - not what I'd call flashy.
She needs a little TLC to get her on her feet,
but won't shudder in a storm
& has been from shore to shore without a ping.

An original classic from Corpus Christi,
ready for you should you mate get carried away.


Ron Wandover
2/15/00 Revised
Published in the Schuylkill Revue vol.2 1998