Pablo musician/recording master




Name: Pablo Bravo

Bust: n/a

Waist: n/a

Hips: 32 in

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 160 lbs

Birth date: 12/25/69

Birthplace: Santiago de Chile

Ambitions: To write beautiful love songs on the Pablotar.

Turn ons: Pizza, The Matrix, studio equipment, loud music, motorcycle riding, shiny fabrics, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, chicks who rock.

Turn offs: Heavily sculptured eyebrows, eating sushi with a fork, Danielle Steel, girls who can't park their cars, tennis helmets.


 Well, well, well... This page was created a good couple of years ago, when everything listed here was true and nothing but true.
Since then some changes took place and, as a result, the only true data in this list remains, perhaps, the date and place of birth and pizza. Yes, the name too.
WAIST, for example instead of N/A became Very Much A; TURN ONS and TURN OFFS completely changed places, including eating sushi with a fork and Gabriel Garcia Marquez who rocks but still can't park his car. By the way, originally mentioned The Matrix is an original The Matrix, not the stupid third one.
So, ladies and gentlemen, let's hope our Pablo will find a second or two in his busy schedule to to fill the list with the new data!




The virgin appearance of Pablotar in action. ( Steve's faiwell party, August, 2000)





Sometimes Pablo saves young ladies because he is just a nice guy.



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