Jesse W. artist



I've liked a lot of different things and I'll probably discover new things, but I've always liked art so I keep doing it. Portraits in all forms always attracted me from "Mad" magazine to Sargeant.

these paintings are created through whatever means are necessary to sidestep any conscious decision. conscious thought is the enemy of creative thought. here, i'll prove it. think of something funny to say
out loud... you probably can't. I can't either, creative thought is a response rather than a formula.
so these paintings are a series of responses to whatever marks begin to appear through varied applications with unfamiliar materials (eyedropper, block of wood, knife etc.).
the unfamiliar materials disable my familiar(conscious) drawing style, and the unconsious choice of subject matter objects are usually blobs of color first) prevents me from consciously censoring myself out of fear of criticism.










Host Planet
5' x 6'