Isaac functional artist

"Sometimes I am 20, sometimes I am 25" - that's how Isaac begins his brief biography and sketches his portraiGHt. He is forgetting to mention, that sometimes, - and very often, - he is just 12.
He possesses almost magical urge to transfer everyday objects into art - the pieces of styrofoam become a unicorn, an old washing mashine turns into functional chattering teeth and an alarm clock suddenly loses face in the name of art.
Isaac came from Maine to study art and brought a trace of fresh ocean wind along with him. Or maybe it's his youthful spirit of adventure? Or the flair of Dada? Who knows.





Portraights of historical figures admired by Isaac


Boats and cosies




Defaced Alarm Clock Functional chattering teeth made from a washing machine


A Portraight of Hetero-Sexual Love
(From the series "Portraights of All Kinds of Love")