Dan artist / musician / dog and pony


Dan was trained as a geologist with a philosophical twist. He is an explorer and a discoverer. Sometimes he makes geological discoveries, sometimes - philosophical ones. Some of his geological discoveries are interpreted philosophically and vice versa. Few years ago, while exploring the core of our planet Earth he made another discovery - he discovered the fact that there is nothing new to discover, everything was already discovered by previous geologists and philosophers. Was it a geological or philosophical discovery remains a question, quite possible unanswered ever. After that he went to Rome and became an artist and a musician.
As many of us, sometimes he is a man with an open heart, sometimes he is a dog, and sometimes - he is a pony. When he is a man, he opens his heart; when he is a dog he bites, and when he is a pony - he kicks. Even the band he plays drums in called... well, YOU guess.
P.S. Hint: If you are totally confused and can't guess correctly, look here.


I like:
Eating delicious fruit, going uphill really fast, newly visited geographic regions, disconcerting design, having the best hiding spots, releasing the eels, transferring motion into sound, all the outside places, unearthly animal sounds, puzzles, strategy, urban acrobatics, dropping the ball, throwing axes, strong teeth, geology, scrabble, entomology, meteorology, dead engines, smiles, demolition, restoration, scared enemies, earth tones, dangerous architecture, extra long division, failed religions, heavy labor, light labor, crazy bridges, pan flutes, talking to my drawings, hungry ghosts, local culinary delights, sneezes, exploding on impact, and awesome sunsets.



 Our planet Earth all crumbled and fully discovered.