Dave Commander musician/artist/actor


David Commander is a moving juggernaut from the old school and he ain't afraid of nothing. He'll flex a powerful biceps and move your couch. He'll flex a massive shoulder and move your boxes. He'll flex his hulking brain and figure out how to get your gigantic antique cabinet into your puny apartment. He will crush and eat other movers. Children may run away from his giant size and his tidal waves 'o' sweat but when the job is over he always wins their affection by bringing them toys in his mighty hands. God bless mighty Dave Commander!


For the last good couple of years David Commander is blooming as an actor in a cozy, warm climate of a New York based theater called Big Art Group. The theater is almost constantly touring all over the world, quite successfully too, which brings a slight dilemma to the Mambo/Commander relationship. While touring with the group, David Commander is parting with Mambo for months at a time and, after a while, the spirit of joy - that particular joy only Commander could bring with him - starts to fade. During this time Mambo feels abandoned and lonely and quite literally needs to seize the operations, locate him on a map, contact the rascal and refill the deflated Joy Storage Container. But being a good boy, David Commander always sends postcards to Mambo with little stories about the local habits. From Arctica and Antarctica, from rainy Scotland and sunny Kenya, from horizontal Kansas and vertical Nepal. God bless mighty Dave Commander!






 'The Machine World Gospel.'
Commander continues his work with Big Art Group's vision of transgressive communication in his most recent play, 'The Machine World Gospel.' In this dark comedy, a tragic car crash involving a bank heist gone wrong and a suburban family cleaves the play into two quasi-narratives, both told with rapid-fire technology. Once divided, the loosely connected events in each realm spin out of control, jumping tracks from one world to the other in an ever-changing environment that expands and contracts between a miniature world of dolls and a relay race of ugly, self - important characters. Live video feed captures tiny puppets as they use sex, fear and religion to pursue the impulse for acquiring power in a powerless world; while a counter component, performed by living actors, delves into the meaningless compulsion toward artistic expression. Ultimately, both impetuses for communication and control come full circle and collide once again, canceling each other out in a surrendering of ideals.