Billy Blaise musician/sculptor/graphic artist



Billy is an artist in a very wide sense of the word.

He is a musician, playing just about every musical instrument equally good. Billy started his carrere as a musician barely reaching the tender age of 12 and by 14 he invaded the jazz stage of Philly fooling the club owners by his fake beard(A). Billy is the best and Moquita (B), his recent musical project is a true proof of it.

Billy is a sculptor, combining tension of suspence and funny relaxation - well, if you can imagine such a thing. "Cheese Grater" - the Tower of Babel of a cheese grater - was his public debut. It continued with a "Dangerous Sliding Board"(C) and a "Guillotine Tub"(D). The latest period is an attempt to dig even deeper into the eternal subject of Pure Hedonism.

And finally - Billy is a graphic artist - bold, intelligent and very funny! Everyone can stop by the Mambo office and admire Billy's series of huge prints, called simply:
"The Beautiful Women With Hairy Gums" (E)
What else can we say?