Suggested customer guidelines for moving in the time of COVID-19


Here are some protocols we would like you to follow in order to keep yourselves and our crew members healthy during this crisis:

1) Pack all the boxes and leave them undisturbed for as long as you can, ideally at least 24 hours prior to the move;

2) Clean all surfaces, door handles, railings, etc. before the move;

3) Beds should have plastic mattress covers before the move;

4) It is required that you and our crew all wear masks during the move;

5) The walkthrough at the beginning will be done with our crew, maitaining standard social distancing guidelines or through Facetime;

6) After the walkthrough, find somewhere close by to relax while we load the truck;

7) Please do not be in the house/apartment when the crew is loading and unloading the truck. Communication after the walkthrough will be by Facetime/phone/text;

8) Do a walkthrough by yourself before we leave each home;

9) Payment should be made at the end of the move using standard social distancing protocols.


Thank you for your cooperation from all of us at Mambo